The True Detective

Human tribes are bound together by the stories they tell. And these stories reveal much about the hopes and desires, the fears and general preoccupations of those peoples to whom these stories belong. In the West for the past century or so, the most popular story is that of the detective and their search for... Continue Reading →

Brer Rabbit and Other Ghosts

With palm trees swaying gently in the breeze and surf crashing upon miles and miles of golden beaches, Cape Coast is without doubt, one of the most beautiful places in West Africa. But there is a long dark shadow that falls across these golden sands. For here, standing on a rocky promontory like some brooding... Continue Reading →

About this blog…

It has been estimated that at least two-thirds of all human communication is both non-conscious, and non-verbal. Non-Verbal Communication is often thought of simply in terms of body language, but in fact, we now know that the subliminal plays a major role in all forms of human communication… particularly in areas such as the visual... Continue Reading →

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