Death by Powerpoint

When Marshall McLuhan, famously declared that “the medium is the message”, he was making the radical point, that the very act of reading a newspaper is often ultimately of greater significance than the information contained within the newspaper itself. In the same way, Microsoft's Powerpoint, has become infamous, as much for its effects as a... Continue Reading →

A portrait of the artist

I have always felt deeply moved by David Hockney's 'Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)'. Hockney completed 'the painting in I971 and - as a literal reading of the the title might suggest - this is a portrait of an artist called Peter Schlesinger. An artist who also happened to be David Hockney's lover. However,... Continue Reading →

Why our children see more than we do

  From the Wild Lands in the North, to the Great Deserts in the South, and the Majestic River of Telmar in the West, to the High Castle of Cair Paravel in the East, the land of Narnia is an extraordinary region populated by centaurs, dragons, talking animals and all manner of wonders which no... Continue Reading →

Vapour Trails

I was driving across the burning desert When I spotted six jet planes Leaving six white vapor trails across the bleak terrain It was the hexagram of the heavens it was the strings of my guitar Amelia, it was just a false alarmThe drone of flying engines Is a song so wild and blue It... Continue Reading →

The once and future king

Much like the reception that greeted Monty Python's "The Life of Brian" in 1979, the publication of "The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion", by Sir James Frazer, in 1890, caused horror and dismay amongst a large portion of the British public. Sir James Frazer, a Scottish social anthropologist, with a particular interest... Continue Reading →

How a brand determines experience: The ATM story

In 1989, Midland Bank, a traditional British high street bank, with a history of low customer satisfaction scores, decided to launch a separately branded, phone-based operation. This was to be called “First Direct” and was the first phone banking operation of it’s kind in the UK. Not only did this new venture look very different... Continue Reading →

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