Persuasion vs Education

In this powerful TED Talk by Benjamin Zander, the music director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra neatly illustrates the fact that the most powerful way to change entrenched opinions and behaviours is often more like education than persuasion. And as with all great teachers, in Zanders case, this is coupled with large amounts of charisma... Continue Reading →

Experiencing Evil

When you experience something that seems to defy classification, you tend to experience it in a more vivid, more visceral fashion.  The more you struggle to find a suitable narrative to explain it, the more deeply involved you become. What's more, whatever you experience in this manner, tends to touch you and stay with you... Continue Reading →

In we, we trust.

Over the last couple of years Ireland has undergone some pretty massive social changes. Our advertising agency, Chemistry conducts a large scale piece of research every fortnight, this not only this provide us with real time intelligence about what people are thinking, and how they are feeling, but perhaps more importantly, it allows us to... Continue Reading →

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